You keep forgetting to mention me by name.

Oh no darlings, not you… Shh… (hugs and kisses, followed by whispers…) I’m referring to someone else, entirely 🙂

Four letter word just to get me along. It’s a difficulty and I’m biting on my tongue. I keep stalling, keeping me together, people around gotta find something to say now. Holding back, everyday the same; don’t wanna be a loner, listen to me, oh no I never say anything at all, but with nothing to consider they forget my name
They call me “Hell“, They call me “Stacey”, They call me “her“, They call me “Jane“, That’s not my name. They call me “quiet girl” but I’m a riot! Mary, Jo, Lisa, always the same. That’s not my name. Are you calling me darling? Are you calling me bird?

The Ting Tings – That’s not my name.

what’s her name? It starts with K!

I mean, my name. It starts with K.

The surgent “daily gratitude” journals and social media has demonstrated that feminism was a complete success. The women were able to burn their bras to oblivion and save their sanity through sharing their shit with each other.

You know, perfection is attained when nothing further needs to be added nor is there anything to take away. (My teaching philosophy in writing, but it’s also how I live my life)
You find the person who is the perfect fit for you. Who wears the skin you feel comfortable living in… HOWEVER since’s we’re not psychic psychiatric, WritingCasey’s blog post reminded me of doing that…

Which I forget what it is now. But I just made a blog post category called “Edit this later” to remind me that there are specific blog postings I really should continue to build upon as they’re works in progress… But I never remember which posts are what. LOL




So I present to you anOTHER LIST of  NUMENS!

Think of this as a starting reference point? And maybe I’ll come back and link to posts when I’ve talked about that name? But it’s not only names, it’s also “characters,” “factions,” “identities,” “idols,” “celebrities,” “symbols” written and or spoken… They’re all pretty much almost the same things.

  • Alita, Arthur, Alexander, Adam, Anni, Ace Ventura
  • Blaire, Benji, Bunny, Bear, 
  • Cailey, Cain, Catherine, CrabCyber
  • David, Daniel
  • Elizabeth, Eagle
  • F
  • Goat, 
  • Henry, Hayley, Hard Candy,
  • I
  • Jasper,
  • Kris, Kimberly, Kallista, Kaytha, Kali, Kestrel
  • Lucian, Lena, Lilith, Lenaia, Leviathan, Luke, Loki
  • Marilyn, Matti, Matthew, Michael, May, Monkey,
  • Nicholas, Natividad
  • Ophelia, Odin
  • Peter, Paul, Phoenix, Panda, Pinkie Pie
  • Q
  • Ruth, Rachel, Rat, Rapunzel, Red 
  • Scarlet, Sara, Scorpion
  • Tony, Tiger,,
  • U
  • Vortexia
  • Wendy,
  • X
  • Y
  • Z

Collective nouns

  • Provocateur, secret weapon, archetypal, fanservice, pegasister, ravenclaw, shadowhunter, demigod, muse, exhibitionist, enabler, enthusiast, paradoxical, artist-scientist, mother, mystic, anachronism, liminal, psychopomp, goddess, prototype, seneschal, concierge, chaos,
  • mirror, stereo, key, bridge, foil,

Meta-meta-fictional worlds

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is magic
  • The wizarding world of Hogwarts – Ravenclaw!
  • Disney fairies and princesses
    • Tangled (Rapunzel)
    • The lost city of Atlantis, Milo and Kida.
    • Tinker bell (Tink, Vidia, Silvermist 🙂
  • Tin man, mini series. With zooey deschanel
  • Wicked the musical
  • Persephone and Hades. Anything related to the “underworld”
  • Dynamics
  • Triplicities
  • Quadruplicities
  • Quintessence


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