Who wants to be part of my rapture?

Geez, I feel like such a slease ball for saying that. Rapture  can be blissful, but only when it’s willing. And I do not wish to cause harm or distress on people.

I made a wordpress thiny with the intention that it would be a quiet collaborative group for freedom of discussion and support. A free exchange of ideas between like minded individuals.

It’s by invitation only (that is, it’s a private page and you have to accept my invitation or I have to approve your request to join)

I feel weird doing this, because I don’t know why we can’t just exchange ideas freely? But… I dunno. It feels dirty playing these fucking tricks and shit. But hey, a girl’s gotta play by the rules of men if she is to fucking smoosh their balls under her heel for being so arrogant.

I have sent out a couple of invites to people I already converse with, but I am totally open to see who would be interested to be part of it.

Just like this post or comment here. I made it a sticky post.

BTW my BGL is fucking fluctuating again so… this post isn’t as creative as I’d like it to be. (9:07pm 30th Oct). I may fancy it up a bit later… if I get around to it.

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