Daily goals that I decided today

And I’ve already achieved it today! Yay success bitch! Let’s just see WTF happens, if i stick with it more than just today.

You know, beyond whatever I “schedule” to post after today. Shrugs.

Aiming for 4 posts a day (But won’t gut myself if I’m over or under the goal. At least there is some semblance of order to placate my own performance anxieties…). I’m fully planning on citing myself, using my own shit as a totally legit “reference” to support my claims to divinity.. or rather, profanity.

Couldn’t decide on a “pretty graphic” since I haven’t really developed an aesthetic brand identity for this business as yet… so.. repeating myself 3 times about my “blog post goals” on this blog post alone.

Triple goddess, three fold trinity, holy moly guacamole magic and divine. It’s sort of like an accidental spell but I didn’t realise at the time!!

Hah! I just made a spell! How cool!

And Cristian has said on his art of blogging blog that you gotta remind people of shit. So here I am, I will be regurgitating and redigesting my own bullshit that I made up. Because it’s magic. It’s divine. It’s what it means to be a god.

I’m like a mama bird, and I’m masticating all my worms and words to then put back into your mouths for easier digestion.

Mythically masturbating my own madness; a psycho-therapeutic massage for the machinations of my mind.

You gotta play sometimes, it can’t all be work work work work work.

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