Reblog – Setting the intention

The second ever post on mmmother, 12 August, 2018.
Looking back and reading it now, it’s pretty full on. I barely remember feeling so confused… But.. I dunno. It kind of weirds me out, but in a good and surprising way. I don’t feel so “crazy” or lost at all. Especially when I read stuff like that. And to think it started in June! Hah!

Am I a sucker for reading too much into things? I can’t help but totally psychoanalyse everything, even myself. LOL. But it just feels right.

What do you think?

Modern Mystic Mother

I am running out of time and have discovered that the Neptune transit is… this. It is currently in retrograde and since time has never been a concern for me before… Earthly “deadlines” are the only deadlines I recognise, but under whose authority will determine whether I bend my will or not – and then, how much do I really have to “bend”?

Self retrospection on this topic is for naught. The intention of this blog is to unite the will of my “inner self” (me as a deity, or perhaps the magician within me if “deity” is too loaded a word for you to feel comfortable) with the will of the “outer self” (me as who I am as perceived by others).

This has been so hard to do, as I was able to master so many things under the proviso that I negate my “inner truth”. June 2018…

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