Props part 3: CURRENT goal thing

I’m essentially trying to develop my own brand markety thingy niche. A regular jabberwocky Renaissance woMan. I just have to smoosh the unsmooshable shit together and play god. So… My first task, although this is not the ideal way I’d like to go about it….


To get myself and my message out onto the “market” I’m going to have to do a bunch of stuff. That I don’t normally do. Stuff that I have stayed clear away from since I was a teenager.

I have done some pretty shitty things, I am a pretty shitty person, you have no reason to trust me. At all. You really shouldn’t trust me, I’m a very unreliable narrator because I’m inconsistent. Dude.

But I am a teacher. I went to university for this shit. I aimed low because I was pregnant and didn’t have a drivers licence or a car. I went with convenience. I applied for the degree that needed a 66 for entry. Even though I scored 87. Perfect example of me doing the bare minimum.

I chose teaching because I didn’t want to pay much money for my degree so I chose between teaching and nursing (lower course fees due to “national priority” in these fields). I had no intention of touching anyone gross or wiping butts, so I thought “fuck it. I’ll be a teacher.” Uni was a huge wank fest where no one gives a fuck about anything, and they don’t care if you pass or fail. You do you, and if you fail it’s your own fucking problem. I coasted by doing the bare minimum and would even challenge myself as to how LESS I could do…

  • How long can I go without buying a textbook?
  • How long can I go without reading a set text?
  • How much can I contribute to discussion without actually having done any of the work?
  • I wonder if I can write my essay in dot points?

“I wonder if anyone will notice I’m absolutely stoned off my face? I better talk more so that way they don’t suspect a thing….”

True story. I talk a lot. It’s sometimes weird for people when I don’t talk as that’s “out of character” for me.

It’s fucking hilarious the way drugs and alcohol seem to make me appear more normal? I can be completely sober and substance free, but my silliness and frivolity comes across as quite manic-pixie-dream-girl. FFS I am not a fictional trope. I am not fictional. Just ask any of my friends from real life – who you can’t see and whose existence you won’t ever be able to verify because I respect their privacy. (I totally do sound like a mental case… LOL… shiiiieet)


I blitzed through my undergraduate degree because I hated the majority of the self wanking. No, this was not a sex university, I’m just referring to everyone’s overinflated sense of self because “oooh, I’m so awesome, I’m at uni, I’m better than everyone who hasn’t gone to uni, blah blah I’m so special rah rah”. When I finally started my post-grad and actually went to do PRACTICAL WORK not just theoretical bullshit, I realise “Mother fucker, this is awesome..” And it wasn’t just another hilarious story about me being so rebellious and dismissive of the established means of doing things….

Teaching wasn’t just an occupation, I realised it’s my VOCATION. I love it. It’s the perfect combination of everything I do. It has helped me define my self as a person, and my experiences at uni actually opened me up to a whole range of knowledge and experiences.

Which brings me to where the fuck I am now…




I don’t know how long this “war” might last. So, I’m totally owning the fucking crown of the campaign. And whoever helps me, with their name and shit here, may get dragged into the fray. If you’re too lazy to go and read the thingys here, then the gist is: anti-christ is a title given by people, not by any divine power. Anti can be opposite, or also the new christ.

My war on god begins with his “son” christ. But if you’re smart enough to read between the lines, (or at least do some back-reading on this blog) it’s really a war on the way that language is used to control and manipulate people, our the understanding of language.

We are all gods, and capable of divinity. I’m not heaven or hell bound. I’m Earth bound. Heaven and Hell are here on earth. I’m about debunking myth with absolutely completely made up bullshit I read from anywhere, and making blind leaps of faith for my own entertainment, using my educational background and training, and my professional experience in the educational system.. legitimise mysticism and metaphysics.

After that.. I dunno. I want to just be me, and have the freedom to do that. And be able to live comfortably. I want to do what I’m good at, what I like to do, and what I want to do. But as a single finite human fucking being (who also just happens to be the new #mmmessiah because I think it’s funny to be facetious) I can’t take down an invisible fictional construct on my own. I need a team of somewhat-AVENGERS.

I’m like Tony Stark. We are going to start that shit right here.


My personal seal of approval. Stamped and signed.