It’s the final countdown!

It’s 55 days till I my May apocalypse May I, and I attach my name in an official way. Modernmysticmother is transforming…

Oh my lordy lordy. I’ve decided to do what I believe to be a critical hypocritical mass contradiction – I’ve taken my blog posts down and made them private.


It’s not going to be down forever though. I’m doing a massive overhaul. I’m angry at myself for allowing myself to be so very trusting of the public sphere. I thought things were different now in the freedom of information age… but I realise that even though the world is ready to change, people are not.

So with a heavy heart I am going to go all bezerker on my blog. All business and bitchy and cold. At least until I feel comfortable enough to come out and share my wisdom with the world.

Up until now you have all known me as modern mystic mother, a mortal muse of love and light.

No. Not anymore, I will be her no longer. I am retreating into the cage I crawled out of and sending in my hellhounds. The world isn’t ready for the light just yet, or my light anyway.

I’ll still be around in the comments and reader. But I’m leaving my lovely mecha-baby mmmother in the hands of my beautiful organic-meta-twins, Winter Ivy and Whisper Lily.

The original mind behind MMMOTHER is loosening her grip of the chains that held back the razor sharp wiry wit of her tongue. Winter and Whisper of the wild winds will be in control of this place for now.

I still love you all, all my followers and friends and people people! But my heart is not happy… my baby darlings are begging me to let rip on those they see as having hurt me.

No.. I’m not like that. It’s far too destructive when I go nuclear. I’m going to let the wild wisps of winds wreak their havoc, removing the power of the words from warbled tongues.


Put on a happy face

Kalliope – the mortal muse. Originator of

Winter Ivy and Whisper Lily – the murderous monsters who love their mother.

I just want to read tarot cards and teach my students the power of words, and the greater mastery they can have over their lives when those words actually correspond with their actions.

I’m a light worker. I’m just very specialised in my approach.

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