James Ascough – artistic to the bone

Ok I was going to do a thing about appreciating the people in my life. Particularly in relation to aesthetics. So my very first person is my mate James Ascough.

He’s super fucking awesome. I have known him since 2005 when we worked at The Reject Shop together. I’ve got anecdotes up the wa-hoo but am strapped for time right now. I’m sorry this isn’t better than it should be, this is pitiful but I said I’d do it on here so… here ya go! (I want to come back and do this waaaayyyyy better later when I can)

He’s on Instagram, and on deviantart. He works with bone and carves awesome designs into them. I am just amazed at how awesomely creative he is. And how authentic he is to being him. I love knowing what he was like back in 2005 and seeing the amazing, confident and just fucking authentic person he is today.

He was always so quiet. He was shy. He didn’t really say much because.. i dunno. He looked uncomfortable being around people? I liked he had long back hair. I liked metal music too! He was so tall! I liked him! He was so interesting I wanted to be his friend. So I nagged him and pestered him until I was his friend. YAY!

We liked the same stuff. Harvey Birdman and Stargate were our 2 main thingys. I was a huge (And still am!) a mega Stargate fan. I totally geek out and fan girl over that series. AND ALL OF THEIR SPIN OFFS & MOVIES. I fucking love it. It’s so… me? Haha.

And now he’s an artist! And he does whatever the fuck he wants! He lives how he wants, and does what he wants. He doesn’t feel at all bound by the fucking conforming uniformity society demands of him. He is real. He is authentic. And he is fucking amazing.

I’ve got some pictures of his work and it is so so so cool. I love his skull carvings the most so those are the pictures I’ll include. Some of his other stuff isn’t my aesthetic, but you know that doesn’t devalue them. It’s just personal taste.

Show him some love by following him or letting him know how awesome he is. And also, maybe buy something if you like? No one likes to live like a starving artist (he’s not starving. But it’s about valuing his art)

Use your Google to search James Ascough Art