Relax, Flo-ride with the red tide

What’s everyone worried about? This is natural. This is normal. Every lady goes through it.

  • A. It’s menstrual fluid. The earth is purging the barren belly, this is just the uterus lining.
  • B. Maybe it’s the placenta! Because she gave birth to a new world order! Eat it! Isn’t that what sheep do?
  • C. Oh dear. This is a miscarriage. Her beautiful children unborn floating all out at sea.
  • D. The great purge because she is sick and you bastards just sit and watch. Typical doctor’s with a patient who is just a number.

So what are you doing to do about it? Fail it the first time, the second time is just going to be much, much worse.

  • The first plague of Egypt. The water turned to blood.
  • The second trumpet judgement. 1/3 of aquatic life dead.

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