Severing the silver cord

I just want to turn it all off my emotions my needs me turn it off kill it kill it off get out of here

Shed my skin, shed the shell. Be a shell.

Spiritual suicide. Soul death. Emptiness.

Just do just do, don’t be. Don’t need

Sever the flesh from the spirit.

Cut it all away

Cut it out

In my desperation I have found stuff about soul death, energy work, etheric cords and stuff. And I’m brought back to the concept of the silver cord or the life thread.

I would like to cut this cord so that way I can become the zombie like automaton that the world wants me to be. Fuck my dreams, my aspirations, my changed self. I don’t get to have it all.

Without the luxury of time to explain my intentions and everything, I guess I just have to leave it at that.

The consequences be damned. When it’s spiritual or symbolic or invisible, nobody cares.