November – the time is nigh upon us

Current focus: Campaign Antichrist Open communication, honest education, killing (figurative) stuff. sharing, smiting, smiling. Kill god to free your mind. Reveal the way that language is used to control and manipulate people, our the understanding of language. We are all gods, and capable of divinity. I’m not heaven […]

To the woman with the eyes.

I don’t know what you want from me. and I don’t know what your game or intention is. But you don’t scare me. You won’t scare me off. And you can pretend to be scary any everything but because I have a terrible imagination, you just look like […]

Qualia – the quality of being

A scientific approach to the study of the mystical arts. Here is my mythic curriculum vitae. A natural master of the universe embodied within a modern day lady of letters. There’s me, the mind doctor (and there’s me, the mortal muse). Together we’re team Kalliope.   University educated. […]

Have I shared something valuable?

If I have said something, or helped you somehow, I would really truly appreciate it if you could contact me, via email or comment or filling out the contact form. I’d super dooper appreciate it if I could use your feedback or whatever as a “testimonial” to help […]

TMM: Memory and Imagination

“All art is born out of chaos. It is a person’s way to create order out of said chaos.” – Cris Mihai. via TMM: Memory and Imagination Today is my 12th wedding anniversary. I enjoy sharing and caring. That’s the stuff that makes me happy and peaceful and […]

Muse of Epic Poetry

Mercurian mind, quick wit, sharp tongue. Huzzah! You found me! Or at least you have found my domain. The fields appear fallow to the apathetic eye, but I invite you to stay a little while. Perhaps if you would care to gaze out unto the wasteland and open […]

life_less — Scribblers Arena

you are a mannequin with heads high and never cry even amidst cracks you are covered sometimes with full-length dress or stoles and drapes semi-naked with undies and bra to brighten up in the showroom lights as a display chick for the people to gaze who sometimes touch […]

PSA: Grumpy Red Fairy is grumpy

PEW-PEW ∝‡≡≡››-  –  – (Psychic Empathic Wisdom from Pictures & Energy & Words) Of course you want your tarot read by me. I’m shooting lasers. It’s ancient wisdom delivered in a futuristic (contemporary) way. Card #8 Grumpy Red Fairy: Be your true self! Allow me to share my initial reaction to drawing […]


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Ben S.

Following my first few readings from K, i had a clearer understanding of my own subliminal thoughts and how to mix these into my daily life. As someone who was first skeptical at a young age and previously scarred after my first experience with readers, I can say that the energy that she brings to her work is worth its weight in gold.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to get a mature perspective of their potential future pay her a visit at least once in their lifetimes – gifted people like this don’t come around too often.

Cailey M.

My most recent session with Kalliope was insightful and thoughtful, By explaining to me not only the traditional meanings associated with the cards, but the way colours and symbols found in them related to the spread. Kalliope was able to guide me towards a greater understanding of my own questions. She is always professional and empathetic and I recommend her tarot readings to anyone who needs some clarity, or is simply intrigued by the beauty of the cards and their story.

An Upturned Soul

Sometimes I Climb the Walls and Lie on the Ceiling

Tony Single

artist. wastrel. a quantum of potential.

Tale Told

Short Stories, Poems, & Essays

Crumble Cult

By Tony Single


It's written by Casey

Alien Poet

Freedom from humanity

Dhananjay Parkhe Jayº

#EruditeThinkerº, #PassionateAuthorº, #VersatileSpeaker, #CalculatedRisktaker. #AmbivertEntrepreneur, #DedicatedAllInMentor

Inspiration through words and photography


David Redpath

We're all on a road to somewhere.

Raw Earth Ink

Mixing the spit of my soul with the dirt on my hands, flooding muddy words grow.

The Art of Making Spirals

Poetry and other works by the Spiral Artist.


echo echo

K is the new khrist

learn, acknowledge, nurture, elucidate

Life of Chaz

Welcome to My Life

Satan's Kinky Kitten

Satanism,Sex Magick And Kink