The Metaphilosophy of Kalliope

Huzzah! You found me! Or at least you have found my domain. The fields appear fallow to the apathetic eye, but I invite you to stay a little while. Perhaps if you would care to gaze out unto the wasteland and open your mind to me, you might just see a shimmer of some ephemeral spectre. A mere snippet of my shema, a vision of my unborn empire.

This is new territory for me, too. I am but a purveyor of words – I don’t build, I provoke! But here I am, dragged out into the public sphere by the invisible fists of fate; my vulnerability a spectacle for your pleasure. I’m not resentful at all, thought I could allow myself to be. No, the narcissist in me delights in the attention for now I have an audience AS WELL as my own narrative. I was so done wearing the cloak of the NPC, but this life of a protagonist isn’t as glamorous as I’d imagined….


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