Dr. Kalliope, Spin Doctor.

Provocateur of thought. Advocate for educational equity, accessibility of knowledge. A rogue ally for humanity; a modern Prometheus lighting up the liminal spaces. A contemporary channel for creativity, critical thinking and consideration.

Sshhh…. mmmother is here now, you don’t have to worry. She will wipe your tears, provide a good cuddle and some emotional blackmail. You should all know better. By facing our fears and acknowledging our pain it helps us to move forward with knowledge and understanding. Life is a series of lessons, get an education.

See Dr Kalliope for a good anecdote to cure your troubles. Book a divination session, or even as an educational tutor. She loves people and just likes to talk, and help them out with whatever it is they need assistance. Seeking advice isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s the marker of a mind that is wise.

Pay, pal. Me.

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Client Reviews

Following my first few readings from K, i had a clearer understanding of my own subliminal thoughts and how to mix these into my daily life. As someone who was first skeptical at a young age and previously scarred after my first experience with readers, I can say that the energy that she brings to her work is worth its weight in gold.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to get a mature perspective of their potential future pay her a visit at least once in their lifetimes – gifted people like this don’t come around too often.

Ben S.

My most recent session with Kalliope was insightful and thoughtful, By explaining to me not only the traditional meanings associated with the cards, but the way colours and symbols found in them related to the spread. Kalliope was able to guide me towards a greater understanding of my own questions. She is always professional and empathetic and I recommend her tarot readings to anyone who needs some clarity, or is simply intrigued by the beauty of the cards and their story.

Cailey M.