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I’ve been waiting for you to come, and finally you are here. Come, sit. Read, speak or stay silent with me. I am glad for your company. Do you remember me? Sometimes I forget… I need to be more upfront and downright rigidly clear with who I think I am and what I am doing here…

I am a teacher, a tarot reader, a mother, a wanna-be singer (but I’m more like a siren). I am a voice – I speak, narrate and sing. I am the voice of myself and the things I believe in.

I am the modern incarnation of the mystic mother. Many names I have been known in memory and mythology. Metta, maiden, matron, matriarch, mediatrix, mercury…

Spirituality, religion, and mystic experiences. I write about these topics as I’m moved to by my spirit. That is, unless my inner demons berate me and tell me to stop – I should allow the ignorant to remain ignorant as that appears to be what they want.

Hey, Castor! Hey, Pollux!

Help me, what should I write? Give me a reason to be here. If you don’t, I’ll just continue to be the monster of inconsistency, yet paradoxically stuck in the perpetual cycle of self-creation and destruction.